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Etch Bath Instructions

Etch Bath Instructions

size: 192 kb
The Basic Etch Bath instructions :

Getting To Know the Etch Bath Glass Etching System

Step 1

Clean and dry the glass or mirror thoroughly.

Step 2

If you are going to apply one or more of the Peel ?N? Etch stencils included, there are a few additional procedures. Peel ?N? Etch is a pre-cut vinyl stencil consisting of three layers: a top protective carrier sheet, the actual adhesive Stencil piece, and a bottom waxed protective sheet. Hold the stencil up to a light source to see where the artwork is die cut on the vinyl. The stencil artwork is printed on the reverse side of this sheet. The areas illustrated in BLUE are the usable stencils that you will be using for your project. With a sharp scissors, cut through the three layers of the stencil, cut carefully around the desired pattern area. How to use Etch Bath step-by-step Remove (peel off) the protective waxed backing sheet, exposing the adhesive side of the stencil. Apply the remaining two layers of the cut stencil to your glass in the desired position. Rub the entire stencil to be sure it is adhered completely. Remove the top carrier sheet off the top of the stencil. You can use the end of a hobby knife, tweezers or a safety pin to pry up the end of the stencil. Remove the stencil material from your project that surrounds your selected stencil until only the stencil pattern you wish to reproduce is remaining.

Step 3

To prepare the beveled ornament for dipping, attach a length of string cut to the size needed to allow you to dip the glass ornament into the Etch Bath solution.

Step 4

Hang your or-nament inside the dipping container, fill the dipping container with enough water to cover the ornament.

Step 5

Remove the or-nament and use a crayon or marker to mark the water level on the dip-ping container.

Step 6

Empty water from container. Thoroughly dry both container & glass ornament.

Step 7

Put on rubber gloves, keeping them on through remainder of the etching process.

Step 8

Open the jar of Etch Bath Glass Dipping Solution in-cluded in your kit, stir thoroughly with a wood or plastic stirring stick. Be careful not to splash solution outside of jar.

Step 9

Slowly pour Etch Bath Glass Dipping Solution to level of pen mark. Re-cap Etch Bath jar.

Step 10

Return ornament to container and let glass object soak 5 to 10 minutes or more, depending on the type and hardness of the glass.

Step 11

Remove glass ornament from container and rinse well under running water, beING careful not to disturb stencils. Dry thoroughly and examine etched surface. If etching is in-complete, return glass to container and let it soak a few more minutes before rinsing.

Step 12

Remove Peel ?N? Etch stencil once you are satisfied with etched surface you have achieved.

Step 13

Return Etch Bath Glass Dipping Solution to original jar for re-use. Consult the etch bath bottle for safety precautions.

Step 14

Allow clean glass to sit overnight, then re-examine. If dried residue remains,wash thoroughly using a brush. Please refer to our Etch Bath Book, #14-0270 for more project information.