Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass
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Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass

Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass

Colored glass is a new and great way to add some zest to you glass etching project; however it can become complicated because not all colored glass is etchable. We offer some tips to help guide you in the direction of how to tell if the glassware is etchable.

There are 2 types of colored glass, true colored glass and topically colored or color dipped glass. True colored glass is colored all the way thru the glass (the molten glass was colored before piece was molded) this type of glass usually will etch with the etching cream.If you look to the right, you will see that the blue cup is see through. Opalescent, gold gilding or Mother Of Pearl over coats on true colored glass will not etch. Topically colored glass has been stained, painted or dipped in a transparent coloring and this type of glass will not etch because these processes have coated the glass and created a barrier for the etch cream. The layer of coating prevents the etch cream from forming a chemical reaction between the glass and etching cream to form etched regions.

Etch Cream only works on bare, uncoated glass. You usually can tell if the glass has been dipped with color when the glass inside is clear, the bottom of the piece is not colored, you can scratch the color off or you see the color is wavy around the bottom and looks thicker in some spots. Most cheap, colored glass you find in dollar stores and discount centers are not true colored glass. True colored glass is more expensive to manufacture than dipped glass and is rarely found inexpensively unless it is on clearance or is a garage sale find. The only way to etch topically colored glass would be to Sand Etch it.

Article Posted: 01/23/2022 11:39:08 PM

Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass
Tip #7: Etching Colored Glass

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