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Speed Blaster- Sand Blaster

Speed Blaster- Sand Blaster
Speed Blaster- Sand Blaster
Style #:61-5052

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There are times when you need to work quickly on a small project. The Speed Blaster is just what the doctor ordered. All you need to do is hook your air supply to the 1/4¯Â¿Â½ NPT inlet (available at most hardware stores) on the bottom of the handle and fill the 26 ounce. jar with dry abrasive.

Speed Blaster runs continuously and virtually clog free with the correct media and moisture-free air. Please do not exceed 14 grit.

The lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable design employs gravity to help force the blast media into a hardened steel mixing chamber. Compressed air then forces the particles through a top grade alumina ceramic nozzle at extraordinary velocity. Speed Blaster is self-contained and small for easy storage in a toolbox drawer. The next time you need to blast something, just connect compressed air and go.

Abrasive grit sold separately. See 61-5053 for replacement nozzle

Operating pressure 60 to 100 PSI
Working pressure 70 to 100 PSI
Air Consumptions 10 CFM - 100 PSI
Min. Air Compressor 3 HP
Fitting Size 1/4 NPT
Container Capacity 26 oz (volume)
Gun Material ABS
Empty Weight 14 ounces Max Particle Size 14 Grit (higher number grits like 120 or 220 are smaller than 14 grit and will work fine)
Color Red
2 year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer
Eye protection must be worn

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