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Ears for Glasses 3/8"

Ears for Glasses  3/8"
Ears for Glasses  3/8"
Ears for Glasses  3/8"
Ears for Glasses  3/8"
Ears for Glasses 3/8"
Style #:61-3399

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PACK CONTAINS: 24 pcs of round plastic circles 3/8" diameter and .18 tube of E6000 glue

The round rings need to be cut into halves with a sharp scissors, hobby knife, or (our favorite) wire snips.

The 3/8" size ring is great for all the larger FACE projects like wine glasses, wine bottles, Margarita glasses, water glass, soda bottles.

There is a Ears kit for the smaller FACE projects. see below our 1/4" kit

IMPORTANT: These rings are Not permanent. The E6000 glue will do a great job of holding the ring halves to the glass. We recommend that if you should need to wash your personality glass, that you carefully hand wash being particularly careful around the ears.

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