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Etching Colored Glass

Etching Colored Glass

Etching colored glass, can be challenging if the correct methods aren’t used. This article will explore these concepts and how to tell the differences between glasses that are etchable and not etchable. Knowing the difference is beneficial because you know the difference when to use etching cream or sand etch.

Armour Etching cream reacts with the silica properties of glass. If etching cream doesn’t meet with the glass directly, then it will not etch. Colored glass that is painted will not etch; however, Sand Etching may work. Sand etching is sand blasted by canned propellant and abrasive. When using this method, you are roughing up the surface of the glass and removing tiny particles of glass. Sand Etching will etch painted colored glass that will not etch with Etch Cream

So how do you know when the glass is true colored glass and not painted? Glass is transparent and see through. You should be able to see through the bottom of the glass where color was melted into when it was formed. This color should be clear and not removable.

Multicolored glass will also etch (two or more layers of colored glass or clear glass pressed together). These types of glass will have a clear bottom. Although these glasses may be etched, you will obtain clearer results using sand etch.

Problems when etching true colored glass:

Colored glass is harder than clear glass. Thus, the etching results may not be as profound and clear—especially if the glass is dark. You may use white rub n buff to make the etch appear bolder, but this would have not been a problem if it was sand etched. Choosing between glass etching and sand etching is an important variable when choosing how to embellish glass.

Article Posted: 04/18/2018 12:36:23 PM

Etching Colored Glass
Etching Colored Glass
Etching Colored Glass
Etching Colored Glass

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