Etch Bath Martini Glasses Etch Bath Martini Glasses Create high-end looking martini glasses with Etch Bath and Pinata Tints
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Etch Bath Martini Glasses

Etch Bath Martini Glasses

Create high-end looking martini glasses with Etch Bath and Pinata Tints


  1. Clean the glasses with glass cleaner
  2. Wrap most of the upper portion of the glass with vinyl masking. If you cannot wrap the glass with one piece of vinyl, apply strips and make sure you overlap the ends by about an inch
  3. Using the marker, draw a line down, around and back up the middle portion of the glass (see picture) or draw a line you like best. Cut along the line with the craft knife.
  4. Turn one of the glasses top side down onto the back of some vinyl masking. Trace around the rim. Cut out the circle 1 inch larger. Repeat for each glass you will be dipping.
  5. Peel off the backing from one of the circles and center it over the rim of the glass. Rub over the vinyl around the edge of the rim.Try to keep the vinyl tight over the top so it will seal off the opening. Cut some slits in the vinyl that is hanging over the edge but do not cut all the way to the rim and risk breaking the seal. Fold the pieces over the edge and onto the outside of the glass. Rub it down firmly to the vinyl on the sides. Wrap enough masking tape over the folds to ensure you will not get any leakage of Etch Bath on the inside of the glass while dipping. Repeat for each glass.
  6. Place one of the martini glasses stem end down into the tall plastic container. While holding the glass down in the container, add water until it covers all the way up and slightly over the edge of the vinyl masking on the highest cut side
  7. Remove the glass from the container and mark the height of the water on the outside of the container using the marker.
  8. Empty out the water from the container. Thoroughly dry the container and martini glass.
  9. Shake the bottle of Etch Bath until the contents are evenly distributed and there is no sediment in the bottom of the bottle. The bottle should feel even in weight in the top and the bottom when you lay it in your hand.
  10. Put on the gloves. Fill the container with Etch Bath up to the line on the side of the container.
  11. Hold the martini glass right side up with your fingers only touching the masked areas. Lower the glass into the Etch Bath. Stop just short of touching the bottom. The level of the Etch Bath should come up to the level you saw when you had water in the container. It should reach up over the edge of the vinyl.
  12. Hold the glass under the Etch Bath for 2 to 5 minutes. After that time, raise it out of the bath to see if it is frosted. If the glass seems fully frosted, remove the glass from the bath and rinse off under running water. If it has not fully frosted, lower it back into the bath for another 2 to 5 minutes. Remove the masking and rinse again
  13. Repeat with the remaining glasses. Check the level of Etch Bath on the side of the container after each dipping. Add more bath to the fill line when needed
  14. To decorate the frosted areas of the glass with a splattered design, first dip a scrap jar in the Etch Bath to practice on. Keep the gloves on. Hold the glass upside down by the stem. Place a drop of Pinata tint on the frosted area of glass. Quickly blow the drop of tint in different directions across the glass using the drinking straw. You must work quickly after dropping the tint down on the glass because it evaporates quickly. You can try adding some clean up solution to the drop of tint to thin it out, but use sparingly. Try using layers of different colors or adding a drop of different colors at the same time. Once you have found a method and color combination you are happy with, you can tint your glasses

  15. Please Note:

    Always wear gloves and either old clothes or plastic apron when working with Pinata tints. This product is an ink/dye that will stain hands and clothing which can be very hard to remove. If you get Pinata on your skin, wash off as soon as possible with straight dish detergent, then rinse.

    If you do not like the way the colors mixed or spread out, quickly wash it up with the cleanup solution and paper towels. Also, if you wish to see other ways you can use the Pinata Tints, Go To: Glass etching tips and tricks: Tip-Adding color to your etching



    Article Posted: 02/27/2018 09:36:37 AM

Etch Bath Martini Glasses
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