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Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book

Create a unique guest book for a wedding


#15-0200 Armour Glass Etching Cream

#21-1676 Over N Over stencil-Fairytales

#21-1621 Over N Over stencil- Script Monogram

#21-1608 Rub N Etch stencil-Lower case script Alphabet

#29-2462 4x6 inch Thick Beveled Oval Ornament

#08-9606 Brushes

#08-9999 Gloves

#08-9415 Masking Tape

#15-0315 Glass cleaner

#08-9777 Scissors

Wedding guest book

White cardstock- cut 3/4 inches larger than oval ornament. Scallop the edge or trim as desired with decorative scissors or a die cutter

Lt blue heavy cardstock

Medium blue cardstock

1 inch wide white satin ribbon-24 inches long

Flat lace trim -1 inch wide x 18 inches long

Roll of pearl strands-1 yard x 5mm

12 Star rhinestones

Glue gun


Strong paper adhesive that will also bond to vinyl


1. Clean the front side oval ornament with glass cleaner.

2. Trim the lower right corners at an angle from the Monogram G and B stencils so you will be able to nestle the lowercase u stencil next to the G and the lowercase o next to the B stencil. Trim the upper left corners of the u and o as well.

3. With the oval ornament horizontal, apply the G stencil in the upper left side of the glass, just inside the bevel. Apply the u stencil along side the G with the edges where they meet overlapping. Make sure both letters are straight. Follow with the rest of the letters est, overlapping each as you go.

4. Center the Monogram letter B below the letter e (see picture) followed by ook just as you did for the first row of letters.

5. Apply the fairy wand to the left side of the oval and the fairy to the right (centered between the two words as shown). Add a star cluster above the oo and a star cluster below the B.

6. Cover all exposed areas of glass surrounding the stencils with overlapping layers of masking tape. Cover the backside too

7. Apply the Etch Cream using the brush to all the stencils. PAT the cream on, do not brush it like you are painting or it will streak and you will not get a nice frosting. View the directions and How To Videos here.

8. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse the etch cream off under running water. Remove the stencils and tape and rinse again. Pat stencils dry on paper towels and return to the carrier sheet. Dry the glass with dry paper towels.

9. To decorate the guest book, cut a piece of light blue cardstock to fit the face of the guestbook (Trace around the outside of the book and onto the cardstock. Cut the cardstock 1/4 inch smaller than the pencil lines) Round off the corners and glue to the front of the book (we recommend you weight the cardstock down with a book until the glue dries to avoid ripples). Glue a piece of flat lace at each corner and trim the edges to the edge of the blue cardstock.

10. Flip the book to the backside. Apply two thin lines of hot glue horizonaklly across the back. Lay the satin ribbon on the glue leaving a 6 inch tail hanging off the book from the open end so you can tie the book closed when finished (see picture). Do not apply any glue to the spline, but repeat gluing the ribbon across the front side. Even up and trim ribbon ends. Tie closed.

11. Trace around the edge of the glass onto the medium blue cardstock and cut out with a scissor. Glue it to the white scalloped cardstock. Glue the oval glass on top of the layered cardstocks.

12. Hot glue 2 rows of pearls around the edge of the glass. One layer of pearls to the cardstock edge, the other on top of the edge of the bevel. Hot glue the entire piece to the center of the book front once the glue has set.

13. Cut off 6 individual pearls from the pearl strand and cut off any nibs of cord that may be sticking out (sometimes you can actually pull the cord out with needle nose pliers). Glue one over the hole in the glass and one on the opposite end. Glue some of the star rhinestones around the etched stars for some added sparkle.

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Wedding Guest Book
Wedding Guest Book
Wedding Guest Book
Wedding Guest Book
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