PNE - Old Salt Face PNE - Old Salt Face Default Manufacturer Size: 6." x 6.5" These pre-cut adhesive backed vinyl stencils for chemical etching, sandblasting, etc. 4 mil vinyl one use stencil 22-0702 22-0702 View Offer Armour Products

PNE - Old Salt Face

PNE - Old Salt Face
PNE - Old Salt Face
Style #:22-0702

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Size: 6" x 6.5""

These pre-cut adhesive backed vinyl stencils are perfect for mirror decorating, door glass accents and wood carvings. Designed for chemical etching, mirror removing, sandblasting, painting and staining of glass, mirror, tile, metal, granite and other non-porous surfaces. Each stencil includes complete photo illustrated instructions for a variety of applications.

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