Baby Shower Rosette Favors Baby Shower Rosette Favors Paper rosettes are a hot party trend! Check out these adorable etched, rosette pops for a baby shower. The glass insert is personalized with moms name and shower date.
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Baby Shower Rosette Favors

Baby Shower Rosette Favors

Paper rosettes are a hot party trend today! Check out these adorable etched, rosette pops for a baby shower. The glass insert has been personalized with moms name and shower date.

We etched the design onto a glass circle shape using Armour Etch cream and a re-usable baby stencil that allows you to add names and dates. It was then mounted onto a paper rosette using scrapbooking papers and striped cake pop straws.

These favors make an adorable centerpiece as a group or individually in holders by each plate.

No one else will have anything like it!


#15-0200 Armour Etch Cream

#21-1649 Over N Over stencil- Reverse Boy girl

#29-2488 3 inch circle shape no hole

#85-2128 Bow Compass-optional, will need a cutting mat for this item

#85-2108 Art knife

#08-9606 Brushes

#08-9999 Rubber gloves

#08-9415 Masking tape

#15-0315 Glass cleaner

Pink or blue striped or polka dot scrapbooking paper 12x12

Pink or blue solid color scrapbooking paper 12x12

Pink or blue striped paper crafting straws (food crafting isle)

Fancy border punch-eyelet and garden trellis used

Paper scoring board with creasing bone or wide paper-pleater-optional

Paper cutter and trimmer-optional

Pink or blue 1/8 inch feather edged satin ribbon

Adhesive backed scrapbooking half-pearls in a multi sized pack

Scrapbooking medium glue dots

Paper towels

Hot glue gun

Pencil, ruler, scrap paper

General Directions:

1. Clean glass circle shapes with glass cleaner

2. Apply the Its a Boy or Girl bracket stencil to the center of the glass circle. Measure across each bracket with a ruler and mark the center of each with a pencil. Draw a vertical line on the stencil material between the two. This is your center line mark. It will help you place the letters inside the brackets so they are evenly distributed and centered.

3. Write out the baby or mothers first name on scrap paper. Write the shower date (numerically) under the name. Count the number of letters and spaces for each and divide that number in half. Draw a line on the paper between the letters and date that would be the center point. This will be your guide.

4. The easiest way to apply the letters inside the bracket is to use the tip of an art knife. According to your guide, pick one of the letters that is on your center line. You will apply the letters from the center out. Gently slide the point of the knife under the letter and lift it from the stencil sheet. Line the letter up on your center line and press onto the glass. Repeat with each letter that comes next, first all of the ones to the right and then working backward, the ones to the left of the center line. You may have to go back and adjust the spacing between the letters until they are evenly spaced in an attractive manner.

5. Cover exposed areas not to be etched with masking tape, overlapping all edges of the tape and the stencil. Cover the entire backside too

6. Load your brush with Etch Cream. PAT the cream onto the stencil. Do not brush it on like your painting. It will not frost as nicelyView the directions and How To video HERE

7. Gently remove tape and stencils and rinse again.

8. To make the rosette pop, first you need to make the rosette. Cut 3 1/2 inch wide strips of the striped or polka dot scrapbooking paper the length of the 12x12 paper. NOTE: If you are working with striped paper, have the stripes horizontal on your cutting board so when you cut the strips and pleat them, the lines will go in toward the center of the rosette. You will need two strips per pop. Punch the strips with the border punch along the length of one side of the strip.

9. Lay the strip with the straight edge across the top of the score board. Gently score each strip every 1/2 inch. Turn the strip over and score on the 1/2 inch in between the other score lines. Remove from the score board and fold the strip on your score marks and make them crisper. If you do not have a score board, make1/4 inch pleats along the strip.

10. For each rosette you will need to cut two solid color circles. If you are using the bow compass, set it at 1 1/2inches and cut out a circle that should be 3 inches. You can also choose to trace around the outside of the glass shape with a pencil and cut them out with scissors.

11. Heat up the hot glue gun. Glue two of the strips together to form one long strip. Gather up the straight edge of your strip and pull it into a circle. Glue the ends together. Squeeze some glue in the center of one of the solid color circles as well as a few lines all around the rim spiraling in toward the center. Contain the pleated circle in your hands and lay it into the glue on the paper, placing the eye of the rosette in the center of the solid color circle. Try to keep the rosette tight with the smallest opening in the middle as possible. Work quickly while the glue is still soft and disperse the pleats evenly as possible. Press entire rosette into the glue until it is set.

12. Lay the etched glass circle face down on the table. Clean the glass with a little glass cleaner sprayed on a paper towel. Wipe dry. Apply a glue dot to the upper right and left of the Its a Boy or Girl and one on either side at the bottom as evenly as possible. Apply one in the center of each bracket. Lay the other solid color circle over the glass matching up the rim of the glass.

13. Turn the glass circle over to right side up. You will be able to see where the glue dots are in the four corners. Apply a larger sized half pearl over the spot where you see them on top of the glass to hide them. It also adds a pretty element to the rosette. Apply small pearls to the ends of each bracket.

14. Hot glue the glass circle to the front of the rosette.

15. Hold the rosette so the design is upright Apply hot glue to aprox 3/4 inch on one end of a striped craft straw. Shove the straw up the backside of the rosette and under the rear paper circle. Secure the straw to one of the pleats with some hot glue.

16. Make a six loop bow from the ribbon and glue onto the pleat just under the edge of the glass (see photo). Glue a pearl in the center. Trim the ribbon edges

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Baby Shower Rosette Favors
Baby Shower Rosette Favors
Baby Shower Rosette Favors
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