Shabby Chic Decanter Shabby Chic Decanter This Shabby Chic jar makes a lovely Mother's Day gift. Fill with her favorite bath salts, chocolates or other favorite treat!
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Shabby Chic Decanter

Shabby Chic Decanter

Shabby Chic Pedestal Jar

Also know as the Victorian cottage look, this Shabby Chic pedestal jar mirrors the essence of an era gone by. The etched jar features a portrait of an Edwardian lady wearing a large brimmed hat filled with flowers.

Amazingly, this jar was not as hard to make as you might think.  The image was created using Scrapbooking materials! The resist for the lady was applied with a cling stamp, watermark stamp pad and embossing powder. The eyelet trim framing the lady was cut with a border punch on vinyl masking. After the etching was finished, it was then cast in pink with a pigment stamp pad and edged with half pearls on a self-adhesive strip. The inspirational hang tag on the bow reads:

Cherish yesterday, Live today, Dream for tomorrow.

This jar would make a lovely Mothers Day or birthday gift. Better make one for  yourself too!

Materials Needed:

#15-0200 Armour Etch Cream  10 oz

#15-0315 Glass cleaner

#85-2171  Sponge Brushes

#08-9415 Masking tape

#31-0401 Beige vinyl masking

#61-3340 Dazzle Tac

Fancy Pedestal jar

VersaMark watermark stamp pad

Stampendous stamp- Garden Gal

Very Fine embossing powder (any color will do-finer the powder the better)

Heat gun

Acrylic stamp block

Eyelet border craft punch

Decorating materials:

Pink shimmer pigment stamp pad

Black or dark brown stamp pad

3mm Flat backed adhesive backed pearls (strip type)

Soft paper towels

Razor blade or craft knife

Pink sateen fine woven tulle

Strand pearls

Pink feather

Pink 1/8 inch satin ribbon

Small pink bow

White rose cabochon

2 pink mini paper roses

1 and 1/2 inch Decorative card-stock hang-tag

Stampendous stamp- Rose Thoughts (for the verse on the tag)


  1. Wash the jar with hot, soapy dish detergent, rinse & dry well. Next clean area where stencils will go with glass cleaner.
  2. Place the lady stamp on the acrylic stamp block. Ink up the stamp with the VersaMark pad. Blot stamp onto scrap paper repeatedly until image stamps cleanly. Load stamp again, but this time do not blot it, just set it aside until the ink gets tacky (about 10 minutes)
  3. Remove lid and lay the jar down so you are working on a flat surface. Use an old towel to make a nest for the jar if it will not lay flat nicely.
  4. Carefully peel the stamp off the block and gently lay facedown onto the glass. Do not allow the stamp to  slide around. If this happens, clean the glass and try again. Press the stamp down gently and evenly, but not so hard the design blurrs Carefully lift stamp up
  5. Sprinkle design with embossing powder. Shake off excess powder and blow away any stray bits. Tidy up around the eyes with the tip of a craft knife or toothpick if needed. The back of the eye should be clear and free of powder
  6. Melt embossing powder with a heat gun. Keep the gun moving so as to not crack the glass. Be careful not to touch jar, it will get very hot. Allow jar to cool. Scrape off any stray bits you missed with a craft knife.
  7. Cut some strips of vinyl masking into 1-1 1/2 inch wide strips. Punch down the length of the strips with an eyelet border craft punch.Peel off the backing and apply the strips down the sides of the jar with the eyelet side facing the lady. Take a strip of masking tape and create a smooth line on the opposite side of the punched edge. Lay another strip of tape a 1/2 inch away from it, creating a pinstripe.
  8. Cover the areas of the jar to stay clear with masking tape. Leave the ribbing at the top and bottom exposed for etching, so make sure you tape your lines smoothly and evenly.
  9. Cover sides of lid with tape, leaving just the top of the lid exposed for etching.
  10. Dip the sponge brush in the etch cream and load up one flat side of the sponge. Wipe off the excess cream from the other sides on the edge of the bottle.
  11. PAT the cream on randomly with the loaded side of the brush on all areas of the jar to be etched. Do not brush the cream on, it will not frost evenly and will look streaky. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off cream under running warm water, holding it upside down so no cream or water goes inside the jar. Remove all tape and rinse again. Pat dry.
  12. Take a razor blade or craft knife and carefully scrape off the melted embossing powder and clean with glass cleaner

Decorating your jar:

  1. Take the pink pigment ink pad and rub over all the etched areas, doing a section at a time and wiping off the excess with a soft paper towel. If you work quickly, the ink will only stick to the etched areas and will clean up off the shiny glass. Clean up any stubborn spots of ink that you do not want with a stamp cleaner
  2. Lay the jar on the towel again. Pull up a strip of pearls from the backer sheet. Follow the curves of the scallop just inside the etched border. I found if you hold your thumb on the pearls at the pivot point and pull slightly to stretch the adhesive backing, you can change the direction of the strand without them snapping back and wanting to go straight. Lay a second straight strip of pearls outside the etched pinstripe (see photo). If you have trouble securing the ends of the strands, place a dot of Dazzle Tac to hold it (if too much glue shows, leave it to dry and then you can scrape it off with a craft knife later or push it back and tuck it up against the pearls so it does not show if it is a small amount)
  3. Put lid on the jar. Take a length of tulle long enough to go around the jar lid and drape almost to the table. Cut a strand of pearls almost as long. Twist the two together loosely, wrap around the lid and tie where they meet with an overhand knot. Fluff out the knot into a rosette. Trim ends of tulle at an angle
  4. Color the edge of the hangtag with the pink shimmer stamp pad. Stamp the phrase on the tag, loop a piece of pink ribbon thru the top and tie to the rosette with an overhand knot
  5. Twist the two roses together, insert wire through the center of the rosette and wrap wire around behind the rosette to secure it. Trim the ends. Place a dab of glue on the end of the feather and insert it behind the roses.
  6. Finally, glue a white cabochon on top of the lid and a satin bow at the pedestal with Dazzle Tac.

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