Over N Over Stencils Over N Over Stencils Learn the basics on how to use Over N Over Glass Etching Stencils
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Over N Over Stencils

Over N Over Stencils

  1. Clean glass with a Glass Cleaner (avoid cleaners that state they are fingerprint resistant) and dry thoroughly. There should be no fingerprints, dirt or dust on the area you are going to etch.
  2. Gently peel the Over N Over stencil from the carrier sheet and position stencil on the glass. (If stencil does not lift easily from carrier sheet, place stencil under warm running tap water. Dry thoroughly, then continue)
  3. Press stencil down and smooth firmly to the glass. Use a piece of clean paper to press the stencil. This will keep your fingerprints off the area you wish to etch.
  4. Cover the entire area around the edges of the stencil with wide masking tape, overlapping the edges of the stencil. There should be NO spaces or gaps. All remaining exposed glass should be covered and protected. Especially the area you are going to expose to the rinse off water in Step 6.
  5. Apply a THICK layer of Armour Etch glass etching cream over the stencil design area. Stay within the taped area.
  6. After approx. 5 minutes, wash off the Armour Etch. Use running tap water (not too hot) to rinse off all traces of Armour Etch. It is helpful if you use your brush to help remove Armour Etch cream and clean the glass while the water is running.
  7. DRY the entire project with paper towel. The stencil will remain for now.
  8. Remove the tape around the stencil edges and discard
  9. Remove the Over N Over stencil gently and replace it back on to the plastic carrier sheet to be reused again. It is helpful to use a pin, tweezer or hobby knife to pick up the edge of the stencil.
  10. Clean your glass thoroughly with a glass cleaner and dry with a clean paper towel.



Article Posted: 01/04/2020 10:55:18 AM

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