ONO Snow Fun ONO Snow Fun Default Manufacturer A fun assortment of Hugs & Kisses designs that can be used in combinations all over your special project to show your affection. 21-1660 21-1660 View Offer Armour Products
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ONO Snow Fun

ONO Snow Fun
ONO Snow Fun
Style #:21-1660

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These ONO stencils can be used in combination with other stencil sheets from the face element series. An easy and economical way to create one of a kind etched designs to decorate household glassware and drinkware.

  • First: Place a Snowman Face onto a glass item.
  • Second: Place the face elements of your choice in the center of the open area, using tweezers (optional).
  • Add accessories from this sheet, OR, mix and match elements from any of the other Over N Over stencils.
  • Etch according to the directions inside of your stencil package.

Sizes are approx ... width x height.

  • Circle Face: 1.75" diam. of etched area
  • Hat: 2.0" x 1.5"
  • Scarf: 1.5" x .1.5"
  • Snow: 1.75" x .5"
  • Bow tie: 1.25" x .5"
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Basic Instructions

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