Feeling Blue? Feeling Blue? Add a little springtime sparkle and shine to the springtime with this blue floral hanging ball ornament. Bloom something beautiful with the Flowers Over N Over Glass Etching Stencils and the Armour Etch Sand Etching Kit. Sparkling floral hanging ball
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Feeling Blue?

Feeling Blue?


  • #70-9001 Sand Etch Kit
  • #70-9007 Inflate A Booth
  • #21-1613 Over N Over Stencil-FLOWERS
  • 29-2534 100 mm Glass Ball Ornaments
  • Blue Glitter Paint
  • White Rub N Buff
  • Tiny Crystal Embellishments

Additional Materials


Preparation and Usage Starting Skills

Project Steps

  1. Remove the top of the ball and pour in the blue glitter paint. Swirl the paint around the inside until evenly coated. Turn the ball upside down into a paper cup and let sit there until the inside is dry.
  2. Once dry, prepare the outside of the glass. Place the stencils on the outside of the ball.
  3. Inflate the booth and follow the sand etching kit instructions to etch the flowers onto the ball. Follow the Rub N Buff directions to fill in the etching. Add embellishments if desired.

Article Posted: 03/26/2018 04:38:44 PM

Feeling Blue?

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70-9007 - Inflate A Booth
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21-1613 - ONO Flowers
Part#: 21-1613
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