Glass Engraving Patterns (PDF DOWNLOAD) Glass Engraving Patterns (PDF DOWNLOAD) ARMOUR ND Learn the art of diamond point glass engraving with easy to read illustrated step-by-step instruction book containing lots of "how-to" and finished project photos to stimulate your creativity. Choose from over 100 engraving patterns and designs! Includes: The History of Glass Engraving Types of Glass Proper Lighting The Right Diamond Point for the job and other helpful hints. Plus "Technique Sheets" which enable you to trace each of the 3 steps directly onto the glass using the proper diamond point and correct technique. D-14-0850-2 D-14-0850-2 View Offer Armour Products
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Glass Engraving Patterns (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Glass Engraving Patterns (PDF DOWNLOAD)
Glass Engraving Patterns (PDF DOWNLOAD)
Style #:D-14-0850-2

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Four pages containing technique sheets. Learn how to do General Engraving, Ground-Coloring, Stippling, Larding or Ornamenting.

Over 100 specially designed tracing patterns to be used with Diamond Engraving tips. These special designs illustrate where and how to achieve professional engraved results. Simply place the designs under the glass and engrave with the Diamond Tips to reproduce the selected pattern.

Florals, Fruit, Roses, Bouquets, Borders, Butterflies, Birds, Insects, Wildlife and one Ornate Alphabet.

VERY IMPORTANT: Engraved glass should always be HAND WASHED. Never put an engraved item into the dishwasher as it will break under the pressure of the dishwasher's water.

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