Love You More Glasses Love You More Glasses Ever say Love You! and they respond Love you More?
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Love You More Glasses

Love You More Glasses

Ever say Love You! and they respond Love you More? These fun glasses are a great couples gift for Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement or Valentines Day!


#15-0200 Armour Etch Cream

#21-1679 Over N Over stencil- His and Hers

#21-1671 Over N Over stencil- Music Notes

#08-9606 Brushes

#08-9999 Gloves

#08-9415 Masking tape

2 Cocktail Glasses

Paper towels


1. Wash the glasses with hot, soapy dish detergent, rinse and dry well with paper towels.

2. Apply the Love You stencil at an angle (as shown) across one glass. Apply music notes and heart stencils around the Love You stencil.

3. Cover all the glass around the stencils with masking tape, overlapping all edges. Cover enough area so that none of the rinse water will touch any of the glass not to be etched while rinsing. Cover all the way up to the edge of the opening.

4. Put on the rubber gloves. Load the brush with Armour Glass Etching cream. PAT the etch cream onto the stencils (do not brush it on). Cover each one with a 1/4 inch layer of cream. View the directions and How To Videos HERE.

5. Leave cream on for 5 minutes

6. Turn the glass upside down with the open end down, so no water goes inside while rinsing. Rinse off the etch cream. Remove the stencils and masking tape and rinse again. Pat the stencils dry and return to the carrier sheet. Dry the mugs with paper towels.

7. Repeat steps 2 thru 6 with the Love You More stencil tilted in the opposite direction.


  • #15-0200 Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • #21- 1679 Over N Over stencil- HIS HERS
  • #21- 1671 Over N Over stencil- MUSICAL NOTES
  • 2 Pedestal drinking glasses

Additional Materials


Preparation and Usage Starting Skills

Project Steps

  1. After preparing the glass, place the love you stencil and the love you more stencil on opposite angles on two glasses. Scatter hearts and musical notes around the words.
  2. Follow the etching cream instructions to etch these onto the glass.

Article Posted: 09/29/2019 11:13:57 PM

Love You More Glasses
Love You More Glasses

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21-1679 - ONO His Hers
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21-1671 - ONO Musical Notes
Part#: 21-1671
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15-0200 - 10 oz Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
Part#: 15-0200
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